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Complete walkthrough for Rapunzel-Tangled on the Wii
I know Rapunzel is not a Sega game, but I have simply had to publish this walkthrough, but I did not find anywhere elese a really complete walkthrough. Sometimes it was missing how to get to the ledge with the piano crank or how to catch the candle thief, and always I have missed the final fight against the witch.
Therefore I wrote a really complete walkthrough for the wii game Rapunzel-Tangled.
In the beginning I am being drop without explaination in th emain room of the tower. First I thought that it is already part of the game and that I have to figure out by myself how to get out, but a short investigation of all obejects that I may interact with showed that it is rather a menue. On the total left you find something that reads 'map'. If you enter it with pressing the A button you access the map of the kingdom. On the map are several places. Almost all are still locked.

Only 'First frolic' can be started with pressing "A" Now you are in the forest. Walk to the right and follow the instructions. Cut with Flynn all the bushes and fight the enemies. The coins can be collected by Flynn and the twinkling stars with Rapunzel. Follow the way until the cave entrance that you can enter with "A"

In the cave keep walking to the right. Flynn still clears all bushes. If there is a big mushroom use it to jump up. After cutting more bushes, Rapunzel should use a mushroom to jump on a cliff and from a place with butterflies she can swing across a gap by pressing "A" Going slightly further she finds a tree stump with butterflies. Here she can let down her hair by pressing "A". Flynn can now climb up the hair by pressing "A" next to it. After clearing more bushes the exit is revealled

Outside the cave first turn left and jump up the mushroom before going to the right and cut the bushes. Rapunzel can swing now across and at the next tree stump she lets down her hair, again. Navigate to the left and follow the path until the mushroom. Jump up and proceed to the right. Clear the bushes! That allows Rapunzel to swing across ("A"). at the next tree stump she has to let her hair down again. Together cross the bridge. Flynn clears more bushes and jump up. Cross yet another bridge, jump up at the mushroom and now you can enter the next clearing by pressing "A"

In the newly entered area keep walking to the right, clear bushes and swing with Rapunzel across the gap again. At the next stump she helps Flynn up with her hair, again! Of course, he is need to clear away even more bushes so that she can swing across another gap to help flynn up again. Did you have a dejavu yet. Although it is really boring to read this repetitions it is ok to play, for six year old players. After clearing more bushes follow the path and at the end enter the next part with "A".

Walking to the right and jumping up starts the first challenge(!?) called , “Escape Maximus”. Keep walking to the right until you reach a teeter totter. Rapunzel should step on the right side and Flynn jumps on the left side. After a few jumps it should launch rapunzel on the ledge. At the tree stump ... yes you have guessed it ... she lets her hair down so that Flynn can climb up. He has to clear more bushes and Rapunzel has to swing across a last gap before letting down her hair. This time there is a minor variation. Flynn has to cut some bushes before he can climb up the hair. After clearing more bushes they cross a bridge, pass another teeter totter and move further to the right to complete the "first frolic"

The next Level is the Snuggly Duckling

On the map, walk to the Snuggly Duckling and press "A" to enter the next level. first enter the Inn. The yellow arrows are always a good hint where you should go and where you should press "A" next.

Inside talk to Axel and then go upstairs. You find the owner of the Inn fast as sleep. Hit the four different dresser. The noise will wake him up. After talking to him go downstairs and talk to bruiser. He wants a radish drink. So talk to axel again. After the cut scene go to the door behind the bar. In the cellar talk to Axel to start a short game. The task is that Rapunzel pulls out the right barrels and Flynn smashes it. Afterwards you get for your help(?) the radish drink. Go now to Bruiser and talk to him again. Now you may speak with Vladimir. He wants a unicorn. The yellow arrow points now to Gene. He tells you to find the key to his chest and then you could get a unicorn out of it. Follow the yellow arrow through the doorway to the back of the inn. The key is next to dog. One character has to distract it so that the other can grab it. With the key, go back to the second floor into the last door.

Rapunzel can pull the wardrobe closet to enter the room to the left In the next room Rapunzel has to pull the big barrel from the corner. Then the chest is revealed. Open it. Get the unicorn and go downstairs to give it to Vladimir. Now he wants a yellow unicorn painting. The yellow color was on the table in front of the unicorn drawing. As soon as you have painted something yellow on the unicorn drawing you can talk to Vladimir. Next talk again to the inn keeper, who tells you to talk to the goat boy. Chatting with the goat boy starts the goat race.

After the training go back in the inn to talk to the Inn Keeper. He is still not satisfied and wants music in his etablishment. We have to find the crank for the piano. So we go outside and then to the left. When you can't go any further, Flynn can climb on blue vines to the right. Now attention!! There is a tree stump, but rapunzel is not on top. Instead Flynn has to go to the tree stump and press "A"! Not Rapunzel! Then he wait for Rapunzel to throw up her hair (with "A"), so that she can climb upwards. What a a change!! That is so fundamentally different to all previous moves in the game, that some other gamers had to ask in the internet how to get on the top. Anyway! Once Rapunzel is up she can swing across to pick up the piano crank. With the crank go back to the right to the inn. Talk to the innkeeper and you get the next challenge. The Thug dance. Easiest way to pass is to make one of them to spin for 30seconds in the row. Finally you are allowed to use the trap door behind the bar to leave the level through the 'Thieves’ Highway

In the cave go to the right and swing across with Rapunzel. A few steps further is the usual tree stump where Runzel drops the hair for Flynn to climb up. Flynn can easily clear the way from the cog webs with his sword . Continuee left with Flynn, who can fight the enemies in the path. In the next area go right and have Rapunzel jump across a few gaps. Go up the ramp to the next game “Escape Stabbingtons”.

Keep going right and jump on the webs . Next swing across with Rapunzel, So she can drop again her hair to keep Flynn with her. walk in the next area and fight the two enemies. Move further right and jump over the gaps to get on the other side. A few more steps to the right and you can complete the level. Somehow I have the impression that I am always walking right just like in Mario Brothers

Next Level is the 'Horse Chase' where Rapunnzel rides Maximus to the Castle Island. Follow the road til you get to the bridge over the water to the

Castle Island Village

In the village speak to Richard, and then go to the right until you can not go further. Get Flynn launch up from the teeter totter. He can slash through the boxes and then he can enter the gate to the next area.

Keep moving right until you see a candle makers cart. Talk to the candle maker and see the thief sneaking through the gate. Follow him inside.

Here you have to get to the doors where the thief hides. To get to the first door Rapunzel pulls the left cart further left so that Flynn can jump to the to the total left and slash the boxes. Rapunzel follows and can now swing across to the balcony. The thief hides and appears at the next door. To get there, Rapunzel pulls out the other cart out of the corner to the right of that door. That allows flynn to climb up the blue vines. on the roof and from there onto the second balcony. The thief hides and appears at the third door. Flynn should stay up there and move over the roof and the wooden plank onto the top of the stack of boxes. There is a spot with butterflies where he can lean downwards (Press "A") and waits to catch her hair. When she throws it up (Press "A"), she can climb onto the stack as well. After flynn destroys the barrels Rapunzel and swing across to the last door to catch the thief. With the candle return to the candle maker. (you get a candle for your latern Go further right (and more towards the back to find Hamid. Paint the sign for hamid with the right color. If you do not have it, have a look over the market. I have found here 2 colors) he gives you colored paper for the latern. Last but not least you need the frame for the latern.

You get it by racing against the kids that are standing near hamid but a bit further to the front. If Rapunzel AND Flynn race to the next kids the slow girl has no chance and you will win more flags than her. The slow girl has to run left and right while rapunzel and Flynn could stay left and rigth of her. After winning the race you have a frame for the latern and your latern is complete and you can go back to Richard at the gate.

Now starts the 'Latern festival' game. To finish it just keep the laterns in the air. Step on the spot below a latern before it hits the ground and then it will float up again With two players it is really easy because each has to watch only two laterns.

Next level is the village waterfront. Start by going left across a few boats. With rapunzel you have to pull out three boats under the bridge. Then you can get cross by jumping from one boat to the next. Further left Rapunzel can pull down a bridge and flynn clear barrels so both can get across a few ships, while continuing to the left. After watching the next cut scene (which I found really scary), go to the boat and press the 'A'(ction) Button to complete the level.

Next level you are back in the tower. It is the final fight against the witch that keeped Rapunzel in the tower. Flynn should fight the spider, so that Rapunzel can get on the spots where the yellow arrows point to. From here she can throw her hair (with the 'A' Button) to open the windows. While following the yellow arrows you are going up the stairs. When all windows are open, Flynn can fight the witch directly on the top of the stairs. After winning, you are ready for the last level:

The 'Celebration Race' with the horses through the town. Just race through and collect coins with Flynn and the twinkling stars with Rapunzel.

After playing the whole story you can access each level and the in game challenges freely.