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Sega short adventure into online gambling

Sega had a history of building machines for amusement halls and in October 2009 it seemed as if it would follow its player from the offline arcades into the online world. The company had aquired a license for online gambling and had registered the domain and The licence was granted on the channel island Alderney. The officials of the island were quite happy about it and stated in their press release, "That SEGA Games chose to base their new venture with us in Alderney is something we are immensely proud about."

With that move SEGA was now in direct competion to other online casino, of which some other have licenses from alderney , aswell.

Since the company wanted to avoid discussion about the location of sega casino, it issued a statement to emphasis that it fully complies with all rules and regulations.
"The Alderney Gambling Control Commission provides the most comprehensive gaming regulations with the strictest requirements and as such is recognized as the most reputable online gaming jurisdiction," said a representative of SEGA

Sega had used Playtech to handle the internet poker and 125 other games that were offered in the casino.

But only 11 months later, in September 2010, Sega informed its players that the casino website will be shut down and that they should withdraw their funds.

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Now there were suddenly thousands of online user who had mostly not gambled online before looking for other gambling sites to spend their time. Soon, some of the other casino sites had even started dedicated campaigns to aquire the Sega Casino User, because these had been usually beginners in poker and similiar gambling games.

SEGA is one of the biggest video game producers in the world and is responsible for the Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast consoles as well as the popular 'Sonic the Hedgehog' games.

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