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Play Virtua Tennis on Ipad2 with Onlive's Games-on-Demand Service for Tablets

On the E3 the biggest Games fair present all the Games published the newest games. The cloud-based gaming service Onlive showed something new: the first app for Android and iOS Tablets. The app shall be released to the public in autnumn.

To show the games the Online-Game-services used as a presentation platform on E3 the Motorola Xoom (with Android honeycomb) and Apple's iPad2. For best performance the games hsould be played on a wlan connection. With that it work without any hiccups or latencies. On the other hand the develper said that it should also be possible to use the service over an umts connection as long as there is a 1Mbit/s for the downstream.

The publisher Sega and Ubisoft had also adapted some games already for this cloud-service. Sega's 'Virtua Tennis' and Ubisofts 'From Dust' worked without problems during tests The touchscreen handling was really easy and the complex and detailed graphics where shown at high frame rates. For games that are not adapted for touchscreen games, the andoid version provides a 'Gamepad overlay', so that you can play the games anyway. Of course the developer should not rely completly on the overlay feature. instead they should adapt the game for an alternative steering via touchscreen.


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