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Sega's 'Geist Force will finally be released by Assemblergames

In the year 1999 Sega intended to release 'Geist Force' for the Dreamcast Console, as a direct competitor to Nintendos Star FoX 64' Unfortunately Segas Quality assurance stopped the game shortly before the release. geist Force disappered in a dark bottom drawer for the next decade. Now a Beta of the Game, an original version from Sega, appeared in an online auction. The members of AssemblerGames, supported by their community, bought the Disk for 700 Dollar and want make it public. currently they are working a releasable version. If you want to stay up to date check out the Geist Force Forum

The currently run test show also the reason, why the game had been stopped. There are so many details that the Dremacast is pushed to it limit. If you do not watch out it might overheat. it is recommended to play it only with a proper heatsink. to get an impression you can watch also two videos of the game on youtube here and here .