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Sega's Toylet Game

Gaming goes down the toilet! I already new that the japanases like to have a hightech toilet but know that is also combined with their faible for arcade games Sega which had a history of developing games for arcades, has developed now a new hardware targeted at pubs. The game is target only at males. You can play it by targeting with the urine stream at an upgraded urinal. The stream is measure with pressure sensors. the game is shown on a screens which is mounted on eye level height. There are different games. one is "Graffiti Eraser," where the user must wash away virtual graffiti. Another is named "Manneken Pis", after the famous fountain figure of a boy urinating in Brussels, That 'game' measures the volume of the small business. Probably only fun for statistician. In "Battle Splashing" you can compare the amount of your urine the amount of the predecessor. Equally distasteful is the game "The North Wind and The Sun and Me", which determines the duration of the bathroom break, while the skirt of a girl shown on the display is moving upward. If the game urinal would not be so expensive it might catch on. But currently it seems like it is only about attention grabbing. Sega wanted to get back in the news. well, here we go. Of course if want to read more or just take the piss out of it you can read on sega's website more about the toylet .