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Scooby Doo - First Frights - Medallions Location

How to find all medallions in the Wii game 'Scooby Doo - First Frights'

Episode 1

Level 1
  • 1 The first medallion is very obvious and even mandatory to proceed in the game. It is presented above the book that is held by the sculpture in the park of the school.
  • 2 After Scooby Doo and shaggy take the first lift up, do not take the intuitive way from the lift directly to the air duct that leads. Do not follow the trail of scooby snacks. instead go immediatly to the right an have a look behind the container for the trash, to find the second medallion.
  • 3 The next two medallions are in trophy shelves. One is at the end of the hallway from where you enter the first corridor with the electric sparks. If you have not seen the third medallion medallion before seeing the sparks across the floor, track back to the previous hallway. Here you should go the few steps to the end instead of prematurly turning right. At the end destroy the shelf with the trophies to get the third medallion.
  • 4 The forth medallion is in the battle area with the witches there is the next trophy shelf that has to be destroyed.
  • 5 The first medallion in this level is right above the first hole. It seems as if the level designer wanted to make sure that you will die while trying to grab the the medallions. Fortunately you have unlimited lives and can retry the level. Of course the real pro would just jump across.
  • 6 The other medallion during the chase is in the last corner. On the left side is a stack of two tables and a chair. You have to jump on the top of it to get the last medallion in this level. Usually I able to jump up just in time, but hardly ever i have enough time to get of the stack. So I restart the level, and next time I run past the stack to finish.
Level 2
  • 7 In the area where you have to find five puzzle pieces in the library, you have to change to shaggy to get the medallion. In the green ring he has to press Z to jump up one floor into a locked room with the medallion.
  • 8 Before you use the lift to get in the basement of the library, change to Wilma. She can handle the machine next to lift to open the secret niche behind the book shelf right next to it. Yes here is the location of next Scooby Doo medallion.
  • 9 After you fell down the lift shaft you could change to shaggy to get behind the fence, but I did not find anything unusual behind it except a lever to open the fence door from the inside. Instead change to scooby doo abd go a few steps to the right. before you slide down go through the dog door to get above the pipes.

Episode 2

Level 1
  • 10. In the area, where you have to find puzzle pieces in this level, change to fred and walk to the foreground. Here he can pull a box. After jumping on it, he is able to jump also on the tent to collect a medallion.can reach
  • 11. right in the next area change to Daphne to climb up a purple glowing pole to reach the medallion on the tent.
  • 12. In the battle area with the skaters, do not enter the large tent with clown. Instead change to Fred to pull a box that is on the right side of the entry, to the left side. That allows you to jump on the stack of the boxes, to get the medallion
  • 13. After you left the large tent with a gondela you go through chain of small areas that are seperated with gates from each other. In the first on with the dolls you can use Scooby Doo to go through a dog door to a gallery that is somewhat higher. If you are in the area with a dog door and clowns, I am sorry to tell you that you are onegate too far already.
Level 2
  • 14. After the skater in black read scooter area, do not follow the further in the background but instead walk to the foreground. Here you find a vending nmachine and on th eright side also a medallion.
  • 15. After the tumbler tunnel and before the turning fists, you will find a rose elefant. It is next to the machine with which wilma can turn on the fists. If you destroy the elefant you find a green ring. So change to Shaggy to jump on the gallery where you can get a medallion.
  • 16. in the room where you have to find the puzzle pieces is a fire place and on top of the chimney above it is the medallion.
  • 17. After the pendelums you go through a 'secret' door by pulling two levers in synch and then you can go up the stairs in the next room. before going across the gap on the two big chandelier change to Scooby Doo to go through the dog door a level up.
  • 18 In the basement of the fun park with the machinerie is a row of stamper with niches next to it. In the last niche before the first horizontal wheel is a medallion.
  • 19. After the horizontal wheel, a fast running vertical wheel that has to be stopped by daphne and wilma has to get bridge down. Following the path a bit further into the foreground it will be possible to go to the left and the right. The obvious pathe to the right brings you closer to the exit, while the path to the left will end after a few steps. But before there is a medallion.
  • 20 first one is on a crossing of the left and right path so you can not really miss it
  • 21 The second in the level is on the left track and the only difficulty is that afterwards you have to do a double jump with A+A to continue without dying.
Level 3
  • 22 After beating up the first dozend soldier on the roof to go into a ventilatar up you fall down a shute in to a trash container. lock to the right and you notice a medallion. Jump from the container right to the right sowhat upward on the air duct on the next house
  • 23 after getting through the street canyon with the wrecker's balls you see at the end a medallion. go on the left to the last red white marquise to be able to jump onton the air duct on the right.
  • 24 in the area where you look for the puzzle pieces you find on the roof with the two teddy bear boxes(each contain one of the puzzle pieces) also a dog door to a a medallion. Of course you would have to be able to change to scooby doo.
  • 25 after meeting tim toiller you leave the backyard upwards after jumping up a few marquise you see the medallion during the down few on a firestairs. change to the small teddy bear to a have a easy chance to jump up the fire ladder
Level 4
  • 26 On the ballon that looks like a soldier do not follow immediatly the obvious way on the left arm. First go on the right arm to the medallion on the right hand of the soldier ballon.
  • 27 After entering the toy factory you are attacted by many teddy bears. Near the tranport container where the teddys came out is a high stack of boxes. When you jump on its top you find another Scooby Doo medallion
  • 28 In the area, where shaggy has to close the two pipes that produce teddy bears, you have to change to Fred to move a box from the right to the left. Then get the medallion on the top of the stack of boxes on the right.
  • 29 When you have to find puzzle pieces again you get close to the next medallion. after the second medallion walk in the half pipe to the in the foreground and then to the total left. change here to Daphne to climb on a purple pipe even further left to get the medallion
  • 30 When you jump up on drums you are near the last medallion in the level. after the frist three you fight teddys again next to a fourth (and last) drum for jumping up. hidden behind that drum is the last medallion in this level.

Episode 3

Level 1
  • 31 Right at the beginning, after Fred turned the first bridge, you over a crumbling bridge. Now do not follow the path over the next crumbling bridges. Instead jump on the green cliff, that hangs left right next to the path like an island in the air. It is as instabil as it looks. So jump fast to the next cliff island and then on the sledge next to the wall to find a medallion.
  • 32 When you meet the fishermens on the roof go through the hole in the fence further into the background. Behind the fence walk even further to the right until the house to find the medallion.
  • 33 after picking up the previous medallion walk around the the house and jump on the next house. Here walk between the two walls to the two chimeys in the background. On the short one is a heart and on the long chimney is the location of the medallion.
  • 34 After Daphne pulled a lever to open a gate. Fred can pull out a box to get back on the roofs. Walk on the plank to the next house.Here go on the middle of the roof into the foreground and jump down. After getting the medallion jump immediatly to the right because the wood is crumbling.
  • 35 After the last cart that dumps fish rests in the water. You see at the end of an allee a green glow. Here you have to change to shaggy. He can go up & walk on a rail to the foreground to the location of the medallion If you jump over a small ship you are slightly too far.
  • 36 When Fred see the captain Bluebeard in the distance the medallion is at the left. Jump on the first float to get back to the warehouse, where you get the last medallion of this level.
Level 2
  • 37 When you see Willy Whaler in the distance during a cut scene you will see behind the house left of him a medallion. After talking with him at the crane walk around the house and go up the stairs to get the first medallion. after wards you can jump right over the wall to the upper level, where fred can fire the first cannon.
  • 38 Walk through the first gate that fred had fired at with a cannon and fight three fishermen. Then climb on the house in the background on the roof of it is another medallion.
  • 39 On leaving the lighthouse you find yourself on a green cliff. Walk to the total right before dropping down onto another medallion.
  • 40 After lowering a the first small ship go over it further to the right until the obvious path leads into the background. Here walk some steps into the foreground to find a rubber dinghy with a medallion on it.
  • 41 In the boat shed where you have to find the puzzle pieces, you can find also a medallion on tghe right wall. shortly after leaving the shed you met seth angler
  • 42 As soon as the cut scene with seth is finished jump over three boxes to a small green island and the over wood into a building fragment. Below it is the last medallion of this level.
Level 3
  • 43 before you get on the big cruiser jump on th e roof of the small ship to get the first medallion.
  • 44 After the tennis court cage is a turn stile, so you have to change to Fred. He can open the stowage where you can jump in to get yet another medallion.
  • 45 In the next open area right around the corner is already the next medallion. go to the total right foreground to find near the end of a air duct a medallion.
  • 46 through two further doors you come to the pool area. First you jump over the water towards the middle and then over a few boxes back out again to the reling of the ship. While jumping over the boxes you will see from far away a medallion below the stairs that lead up to a door that seem to lead into the ship.
  • 47 Insted the door leads into an area with three boats, that Scooby Doo has to move up and down. After the next corner you will find two rubber dinghy stacked on top of each other. Do not destroy it! Instead use it to jump up to the next floor where you find a medallion on the left side.
  • 48 In the kitchen where you search for sandwiches go to the total left foreground to find a medallion above a ventilator.
  • 49 On the left side jump on the first stack of two rubber floats to get the first medallion.
  • 50 And after sliding down the shute there is another medallion on a stack of cages on the right side.
Level 4
  • 51 The second diver guards a medallion which is hidden in the ceiling of the right bar.
  • 52 The third diver guards also a medallion which is hidden behind boxes on the total right.
  • 53 After the kitchen, you get in a flooded storage room where wilma has to lower the water level. Then you can jump down, walk to the foreground and jump on the container to get on the ledge on the right wall, to get the next medallion.
  • 54 In the machine room below the first slide is another medallion.
  • 55 when you left the moving platforms and walked up a ramp, you meet another diver. After destroying the diver do not pull immediatly the lever instead jump on the reling and from there onto the high platform with snacks, between the snacks is also a medallion.
  • 56 in the last room, with the pipes that blow up air, go with the first pipe to the upper level and then to the left. There is a medallion in a stack of cages.

Episode 4

Level 1
  • 57 After getting up the double stairs to the fountains. you would have to change to Scooby Doo to pass the dog door on the left side behind a stack of wood
  • 58 on the right side of the same area is a pushing cart that has to be destroyed to show a green ring for Shaggy. So change to him to get the medallion on the balcony.
  • 59 After the first crumbling wood bridge you see right of the path a medallion. so walk down the stairs and clean up the wood stuff to get the medallion behind it, prefarably before Fred lowers the bridge.
  • 60 right on the other side of the bridge shoot at the targets. to find a green ring. so change to shaggy and you can go up on the right balcony.
  • 61 in the area with th epuzzle pieces go to the total right and you will find a medallion on the porch roof.
  • 62 right in the next court where you shall open the costume box go to the total left background first . Destroy the pushing cart and change to Shaggy to go up the balcony with the medallion.
Level 2
  • 63 right at the beginning change to daphne and climb up the purple pol. then you can walk around the tower on a ledge to get to the location of the first medallion.
  • 64 After the first bridge that shaggy has to get up by jumping on a button, there is a turnstile. So change to Fred to move up the lift. further up walk to the right find a medallion behind a mushroom.
  • 65 After two wood bridges over water you can jump up a big mushroom to the next level. instead of jumping even further up walk to the foreground to find a machine for wilma. So change to Wilma so that she can open the pipe. jumping on the open lid of the pipe you can jump even further right to the entrance of a cave with a medallion.
  • 66 When you had to jump across five big Mushrooms ( which reminded me of the large ballons in the 2. Episode) jump from the last back ward to reach the medallion above.
Level 3
  • 67 When you see cutscene with the underground lake a medallion is shown to be over the water. So killl the bad guy in that cave room and go to the foreground. Here jump over two floats towards the medallion.
  • 68 after the paternoster that daphne has to stopclimb up on a stack of boxes to get to a medallion-
  • 69 soon you will go a hanging bridge two houses (in a mine?) in front of th ehouses is a stack of boxes above a grid where an air streams blows upward. do not destroy the boxes but climb on it to get the medallion above.
  • 70 during the rafting on lava there are two medallions. the first is right at the beginning on the left
  • 71 and the second is on the right short before the end of the rafting.
  • 72 After the ride with the gondela go in the house and find in front of the 3. and 4. rolling shutter gate a green ring so change to shaggy. he can pull the level to open the left gate now change to fred to open with the turnstile the right gate. behind it you find the next medallion
  • 73 a few steps further wilma has to open a large gate with two machines. one opens the a normal gate with a skull and the other an iris. rigth afterwards you go over a long bridge towards another house that is very similar to the previous . in front of this house go to the total right. Behind some wooden planks is a dog door so chnage to scooby doo and go through it. Other wise to would not get to the location of the next medallion , one level below.
  • 74 In the middle of the room where you have to search for puzzle pieces is a medallion in mid air. so fly on the stream of air that comes out of the red pipe upwards and jump to the middle.
  • 75 After jumping acrsoss the hanging boxes, the first medallion is in the middle of the way so that you can hardly miss it.
  • 76 the second medallion is on the right side when you run along three rails tracks at the same time.
  • 77 the third and last on is in the last corner on the left side right after you were hoping across a large gap.
Level 4
  • 78 Out of the prison dungeons go up with a stream of air into battle arena her you find at the exit the medallion
  • 79 in the room with the columns around a triple turnstile jump on a column to be able to jump on the turnstile column before turning it. that location of the medallion can not be seen but only heard.
  • 80 in the stair case where stones come through the windows walk past the levers and jump onto th enext fragment of the stairs. Change to Scooby Doo to pass the dog door that you see to the next stair fragment, where you find a scooby doo medallion.
  • 81 Before the library with the puzzle pieces is a room where you have on each side a purple pipe for daphne (so that she can reach the levers) and a green ring for Shaggy to reach the medallion that hangs at the chandelier in the middle of the room. If you do not want to change to Shaggy, you can also walk up the stairs to the exit and jump from there towards the medallion, to get it.

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