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Ed Annunziata in talks with Sega to produce another Ecco title
Most Sega fans will remember the Ecco the dolphin titles from the last century. Now it seems like as if the creator of the series, Ed Annunziata, wants to convince SEGA that he could make another installment. To show that there are still enough ecco fans to make it worthwhile he tweeted

"Ecco fans, I need you to follow & tweethank @scottfoe, he convinced SEGA to meet with me now chances of a new Ecco the Dolphin x100!"

But why should we? What had been so good about the Ecco game?
Back then the game idea of a dolphin swimming through a maze had been somewhat unique, and the soundtrack from the composer Spencer Nelsen had been great. Since even the best game play gets boring after the third time, he had only one option left to create some hype.

Therefore he tweeted later:

"Spencer is on board!"

Lets see whether he is successfull.

I am almost sure that Sega will pump in the money to continue yet another series just like Sonic or Zelda. Unfortunatyl Ed Annunziata had been responsible for some pretty unsuccessful games, as well, so I am not sure whether he will create this time another great game.

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