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Sega Publishs New Ron Gilbert Adventure - The Cave

The newest game by Ron Gilbert, who also worked on Maniac Mansion Zak McKracken und the first Monkey island games, is going to be published by Sega. The title is simply 'The Cave'.

The publisher Sega announced that the platform adventure game 'The Cave' will be released in 2013. The game is produced by Tim Schäfer who had worked together with Ron Gilbert at Lucas Arts

In the beginning of the game you have to pick three out of 7 characters like a knight a mad scientist, creepy twins, a monk or a time traveller. (Anybody reminded of a group of three kids in front of a mansion?) Duringh the game the characters have to fight through different areas like a castle or a subterrane theme park (Le Chuck's?)

The Game will be available for PC and through XBox Live and Playstation Network

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